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The role of training in the successful implementation of process excellence deployment is fundamental. Needed skills for breakthrough improvements cannot be developed without proper training. All companies that implemented successful process excellence programs found that training investments pay back significant benefits . Motorola for instance, has discovered a 10 to 1 payback for six sigma training investments. Extensive training is necessary for several levels of individuals and basic training is required for the entire organization.

We understand that “Repetition is key” in skills improvement, only when things are simple can repetition be made easy hence we offer training programs in which complex concepts are made simple so as to accelerate the learning process by

  1. Simplifying the methodologies of lean, six sigma, ISO, to understand the strength of each for its correct application
  2. Project management to help effectively scope, monitor and complete projects
  3. Change management training to manage the softer aspects in process excellence deployment

Ask To Solve Team has extensive experience in imparting process excellence trainings both to Indian as well as foreign participants. Our key strength is to impart trainings adapted to participants’ environment and competencies.

Programs on offer:

  • Champions’ Orientation: This is a one or two days workshop style program for the senior management who own business functions / are key to success of the organisations. This is a must investment before any change program is initiated, especially process excellence  program. Having huge amount of experience of driving change across various organisations, we are well equipped to make a difference here.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt (BB) Knowledge Building: It is a 25 day intense program (customizable to 20 days) spread over time. It is imparted to full time process excellence resources within the organisation. It is an intense program hence the participants are expected to have a certain aptitude and attitude to be successful learners. Participants learn a wide range of six sigma and lean tools during this program. It is HIGHLY recommended to have a live project before participants come for training. We believe that practical application of tools is extremely important for the investment organisations make in these program hence we customise the delivery schedule to suit the project progress and mentor them on project from tool perspective as part of the program. This program is followed by an exam and may be followed by certification of participant (certification criteria vary from organisation to organisation). We have our standard certification process.
  • Green Belt (GB) Knowledge Building: It is a 5 day program focused on participants who are in line function at manager and above roles. It enables the participants to apply process excellence tools at a basic level in their day to day life. As applicability of tools is very important we recommend that participants come with a live project (we can help in scoping the GB project) for this training. To ensure that participants are able to apply tools in their projects, we spread the program appropriately.
  • Basic Orientation: As the experts say organisation’s success depends on the kind of culture it has. Technology adoption in any organisation is easy, as it simply needs to be bought, however culture building is not. To build a process excellence culture and culture of problem solving across the organisation, it is a MUST to make every employee capable of basic problem solving. This is a one day program focused on improving all employees’ problem solving competency, thereby building a new culture.


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