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Business Excellence Deployment

Organisations, world over, have benefited from deployment of various forms of quality programs, e.g., TQM, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, CII EXIM model, MBNQA framework, Ramkrishna Bajaj quality award, company specific models etc. Core of these models is “Quality Management” though they are called differently by very respected experts. Having said above, it becomes imperative that every successful organisation needs to have quality management program.

In the fast paced world the organisations are taking birth and dying very soon. The gestation period to kick off and become sizeable is continuously reducing similarly the time to failure is also getting shorter. Smart organisations realise the importance of holistic management, taking care of all aspects of business, vis, financial management, people management, customer management, operations management etc.

Gone are the days when a manufacturing organisation could excel just on the basis of their product. Now customer service is the most important aspect even for a white goods manufacturing and marketing organisation. It is now a history that you apply for a telephone connection and wait (virtually) till eternity to enjoy the pleasure of having telephonic conversation with your loved ones. Today people talk about pre-activated telephone connections and for that matter pre-activated bank accounts also with all facilities instantly available, vis, debit card, cheque book etc.

So, it is a call you have to take for your organisation to make it robust over a period of time. This is possible only by following a structured program … something similar to programs mentioned above. The only ingredient you require to have for a successful program is “unwavering commitment”. Rest all will follow naturally and automatically. It is always a good idea to talk to heads of organisaions who have done it successfully.

We at Ask To Solve wish to call this program “Business Excellence Deployment”. If you, as senior management in organinsation, have that unwavering commitment we will bring the other ingredients to the table and make your business best in class so ensure you always stay ahead of your competition. Please be ready for a gradual change of shape of your organisation rather than a sudden shift. Gold turns into ornament by heating, beating gradually in controlled manner and not heating or beating with sudden force.

This program will consist of

  • Structured orientation & training of resources from top decision makers to working level staff
  • Doing high impact projects to show case benefits from methodology to create larger buy-in
  • Mentoring and capability building of internal resources to take the lead later on. This is a very structured and intensely engaging program for resources
  • Creating a culture of data based decision making and improving organisaton’s capability of data analytics
  • Engagement of resources across organisation in grass root level improvements. This is critical to create appropriate culture of the organisation
  • Creating frameworks for effective design of new products and services

We will build it, operate it and transfer it as we believe the culture once built should be self sustaining otherwise we have not built it effectively. Our BOT model will help you achieve the same. The timelines for each phase will depend on your organisation and as already mentioned, most importantly your “commitment”.

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