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Onboarding - A lasting impression!

One of our neighbors at my native place saw an advertisement in the newspaper and phone ordered set of denim jeans with a ‘Payment on Delivery’ mode. The parcel arrived 3 days late than what was promised on the website. As soon as the delivery boy went away, he opened the packet and asked his Son to try it out… it was his Diwali surprise to his college going Son! To their dismay, all the pairs were of different sizes than what they had ordered. And then started the usual calling to call centers with no clear instructions on what to do next? He checked online for help, wrote many emails from his Son’s email ID (a gentleman of 50+ is into a small business and is not internet savvy). Since he was not clear on next steps, he did not send the parcel back and finally it was rejected when he sent it after 4 days with a reason that it should have been sent within 48 hours of complaint registrations!
No surprise - When I last spoke to him he told me that he has lodged a complaint in consumer court and has decided not to buy anything ever online or on phone!
So what went wrong?
We all know that it is far easier to retain a customer than acquiring a new one; they lost it when he had willingly come to them. Curious, I went to consumer court’s website to find many such complaints against this as well as other e-tailers.
Customer onboarding is an extremely important aspect that Service providers have to take care of… else customers as they say ‘don’t ditch, switch!’ Having right measurement system to capture the onboarding experience in quantifiable way is important. Metrics like ‘Right First time’ help tracking this effectively. Data, then can be analyzed for the Efficiency issues (Within TAT?) or Quality problems (As ordered?). Specific improvements can be then made to make the onboarding easier for the customer. It also can pave a way to easier process of repeat ordering.
A matured onboarding process ensures Customer gets ‘as promised’ experience, making it as smooth and simple as possible and then a Happy Customer starts recommending your service or product even before he starts using the product or service fully!

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