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Evaluating Process Maturity Level – Indicative Parameters

I was very happy when I bought my first Android phone from a leading player, the overall experience felt amazing. I was given lot of services like Insurance, Antivirus etc. free! I could easily sense the difference and was really happy with the way I was welcomed into ‘Smart’ world! But soon there were problems - overheating, battery getting discharged almost as soon as it was charged. I approached nearest service center and then they made me feel like going back to my candy bar phone.

Why did this happen? – With leading player?? Because two different processes within same organization were at different levels of maturity causing completely different customer impact.

As we mentioned in the last blog some industries like Software, Hotel, Healthcare do have some certifications to indicate process maturity level for an organization but largely this concept of process maturity remains at a very high level and is not utilized to zero down improvement areas.

Typically, any customer while consuming the service or product, goes through stages of onboarding, experiencing the service delivery, problem resolution and then, either separation or repeat order. During each of the phase there are multiple processes within Organization’s ecosystem that impact customer service and they could be at different level of maturity!

To assess the Maturity level of any process we would need some key parameters and differential levels to indicate maturity. Above figure shows some of the indicative metrics associated with the customer experience stage and their relative levels indicating process maturity. For eg. Onboarding process can have metrics like Right First Time (from application to first usage of the service) and 4 different levels of maturity can be indicated by current metric performance Not Measured, < 70%, between 70 to 90% and > 90%.

Idea here is to have right measures in place to indicate Customer experience and zero down on areas of improvement. We will talk about this model and taking processes to next levels in detail in blogs to come!

Meanwhile, Wish you all a Very Happy Diwaly and prosperous new year!

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