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Assessing Process Maturity Level – Starting it Right!

When we say that someone is quite mature, we often mean that he/she is behaving as per certain expectations and norms. Does this concept apply to a Business as well? Pretty much! While interacting and working with organizations from different walks of industry domains, we frequently come across situations where not all the processes are at same maturity level within the same organization! So what are the different levels of process / organization maturity? Are there any qualifiers that define maturity level of the processes or as a whole an organization?

Some examples of frameworks & methodologies to assess maturity of Organizations are CMMI® for Software development companies, Star ratings for Hotels, NABH & NABL Certifications for Healthcare industry. Often we have experienced not all processes within same Business Unit are at same level of maturity and this requires to be acknowledged by business leaders.

A process or a business unit in question needs to be assessed for its maturity level on definite and relevant Qualitative and Quantitative parameters. This objective assessment itself leads to clearly identifying improvement areas as against continuous firefighting or disconnected initiatives driven from the top.

We will talk about some of the Qualitative and Quantitative indicators for assessing process maturity in next time we meet!

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