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Decisions in AC Room


Somebody said in the meeting “It is quite easy for us to pass a judgment and take a decision sitting here in this AC room, but are we sure what we are doing is right for our customer, is it right for our people?” I suddenly remembered the story of king Vikramaditya who regularly used to visit different places in his kingdom as a citizen to find out quality of public service his departments are providing. It was his way of understanding his customers’ (his primary customers being citizens of this kingdom) needs and finding areas of improvement.

Knowing your customers! Knowing what customers really want in your product or a service….how important is that especially when it’s a buyer’s market today? Take a car or mobile or a life insurance, market is flooded with options for customers. Organizations not including “Know your customer” in their business strategy are surely on their way out. There are many examples of short lived products or organisations because of decisions made in board room only.

Realizing this, some of the organizations started relying on social media to find out what customers are talking about their products. Problem with social media is that, there is lot of “noise” in the data and it’s difficult to find a “signal”! So, as it typically happens, there is a crop of companies who with their latest softwares are claiming to decode the message for you. Now the questions before business leaders are - This is new; will it really work for us? Which one to choose? What will be ROI? How long it takes to see the difference? Can’t we simply analyze the customer complaint data instead? Our front line people interact with customers day in day out, can’t we ask them? The list goes on… Unfortunately there are no readymade answers to these questions and there is high probability of going wrong!

A business process oriented, unbiased and structured study by able third party to identify right problems and guidance from data analytics expert can go a long way in choosing and doing what is right for your customers and for your organization.


+1 #1 Sailesh 2014-08-02 07:30
Consultants need to first probe their clients on their objectives. Sometimes it also happens that clients themselves do not have a clear vision. It is then the responsibility of the consultants to help their clients in defining clear objectives. When it comes to taking decisions, consultants should provide advice which is in clients best interest even if it is going to defeat the consultants own interest. This will help in building a transparent and a long lasting relation and results in a Win-win situation. Often, consultants ignore this fact and go for short term benefits which do not provide the full scope of benefits to the client. Only coordinated efforts can provide synergies. When consultants align their interests in line with those of their clients, it provides the best results which are beyond expectations.

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