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Be Aware!

Usual round of possible pass time activities was done with. I had settled in the corner chair at Guwahati airport and was browsing through my mails. After some time I noticed presence of somebody occupying the chair next to me – I turned and said “Hi!” to an elderly gentleman in a business suit. “Hello, how are you?”…. I was happy to find company of a very senior executive from one of the leading pharma companies!

“Nice name!” he was looking at our organization’s name on my visiting card - Ask To Solve Management Services. “So, what do you to solve?” “We solve business problems” – I replied. He was still looking at the visiting card, after a moment of thought he said – “Yes, but are you asked to solve right problems? To start with are people (business leaders) even aware that they have chronic problems and conventional thinking cannot solve them?” …the discussion continued till we parted with announcement of his flight.

It kept me thinking about how important it is for a business leader to be aware of problems that he constantly battles are recurring in nature and need a paradigm shift to resolve them once and for all. Knowing that tactical team on ground, although has very good experience of taking care of “daily operations” has become ‘experienced’ with repetitive behavior of business surrounding and has got used to problems as nature of business!

Problems – that keep organizations prevent getting that breakthrough in growth, problems – that keep organizations depending on customers’ behavior and market conditions, problems – that do not have answers in investment alone! Being aware of existence of these kinds of problems and knowledge of what can be solved internally and what requires different thinking or skillset is the first important step in resolving these problems.

To be continued…

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